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Corporation INC Formation

Corporation INC Formation

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Plan to issue shares, go public, or go global? Go further as a corporation.

How it's unique

  • Best if you plan to go public one day; can issue shares to founders, employees, and investors
  • Unlimited owners (aka "shareholders") allowed
  • Owners may get preferred stock
  • Recognized internationally
  • Preferred by investors
Protections & taxation
  • You're not personally on the hook for business liabilities
  • Taxed twice if it's a C corporation—business pays at the corporate level, and shareholders pay on income received
  • Avoids double taxation if it's an S corporation
Drawbacks to consider
  • Ongoing filings and fees to stay in compliance
  • Less management flexibility; must have a board of directors
  • More admin; strict rules about holding meetings and keeping records

Includes Instant Formation Documents

Includes Instant EIN Letter from the IRS

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